Business leader, family man, musician, outdoor enthusiast

About Reese

Reese grew up on a farm in Rupert, Idaho where he saved a drowning cow and survived a vicious dog attack. Instilled in him from an early age was the value of hard work, an appreciation for simplicity, and an appetite for adventure.

He met his wife, Barbie, at Brigham Young University. She overlooked his socks-with-sandals fashion choice, and agreed to go out with him. They were married in 2003, have four children, and live in Holladay, Utah where they enjoy a close-up view of the Wasatch mountains and access to a variety of outdoor adventures.

Reese has a love for music that dates back to his childhood and largely shapes his approach to life and business. Musical instincts of discipline, precision, pattern recognition, and harmony emerge in Reese’s everyday decisions.

Reese works hard and plays hard. Whether it’s fresh tracks on the ski slopes, single tracks on his mountain bike, or untracked terrain on his four wheeler, he is drawn to activities that take him outdoors and provide a healthy dose of adrenaline.

Of Reese’s many passions, perhaps his greatest is for teaching. He quickly sees the potential in others and invests himself heavily in their development. As such, he is a trusted educator, business leader, and advisor in the financial community.

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